Content Marketing – Where to Start

I was about to write about the importance of Content Marketing when I came across this great post by marketing expert, Heidi Cohen which covers the topic in great detail. As you can see by the chart below the volume of content on the internet is exploding.

Digital content created -  Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers-1

No matter what you are selling, if your potential clients are researching online prior to purchase, then you really need to start either creating or curating content – preferably both.

Creating is self explanatory. Curating means that you are effectively identifying content written by others that would be useful to your audience and sharing it – of course always giving credit to the original author.

Content Marketing takes many forms and you need to set some clear goals and work to a plan. A key part of that plan involves the setting up of an Editorial Calendar and sticking to it.

By publishing quality content that provides answers to the questions that your prospects are asking you are effectively creating Lead Magnets on the internet that drive targeted traffic to your sales funnel. This applies in both the B2B and B2C markets.

According to Heidi: 

“Content marketing is white hot!
As a core element of inbound marketing, content marketing fuels social media, supports search optimization, and drives lead generation and sales”

Here is the original article by Heidi Cohen:

ᔥEverything You Need to Know About Content Marketing (Charts)

Happier than a Camel on Hump Day – Priceless!

Now this is funny!  Just checked – over 5 mill views on Youtube to date. Apparently the camel voice is played by a Broadway actor – Chris Sullivan. I am guessing that GEICO are over the moon with this latest addition to their “Happier than…” campaign.

For the record , GEICO is owned by Warren Buffet’s group – Berkshire Hathaway. In 2011, they spent $994 Mill on advertising – about 6.5% of the company’s premiums. Would have jumped significantly since then. Word has it that Buffet would spend up to $2 Billion on GEICO ads if he could – certainly helps with the ad budget if the Chairman likes the ads.

7 Fatal Website Mistakes…and how to avoid them

I recently created a new report  for Panorama Synergy. The goal was to provide some useful tips to real business owners (not techies) on how to have a website developed that actually made sales…as opposed to just looking good.

Judging by the feedback it seems that it struck a chord with many people.

You can download the free report here. I hope you enjoy it. Download Special Report

For God’s Sake – Even the Pope is Blogging!

pope_bloggingOK – even the Pope gets it! If you ever needing convincing that Social Media is here to stay then you have to look no further than the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI has just instructed his priests to get out of the pulpit and start blogging. Here is an excerpt of what he had to say:

“The spread of multimedia communications and its rich menu of options might make us think it sufficient simply to be present on the Web, or to see it only as a space to be filled. Yet priests can rightly be expected to be present in the world of digital communications as faithful witnesses to the Gospel”

Domino's Pizza – Now This Campaign Takes B@lls!

Wow! You gotta hand it to Domino’s Pizza. Their latest campaign “Pizza Turnaround” takes some serious b@lls. Imagine going to your boss and saying: “Hey, I got a great idea – lets spend a few million bucks on an ad campaign telling everyone that our product has sucked in the past…but now it is going to be much better and here’s why”.

Just wait to be led out of the room in a strait jacket!

Well, that’s exactly what Domino’s Pizza have done with their latest ad campaign. They have come out and admitted that their pizzas used to “taste like cardboard”…but now they are better. Oh really?

The jury is still out as to whether this is one of the dumbest or the smartest campaigns of all time.

You be the judge.