Bounce Rate – This is costing me Money!

OK. So you are not big on website stats.

If that is the case, I encourage you to focus on just one metric – BOUNCE RATE. This is the percentage of initial visitors who leave your site (or bounce away) without visiting any other pages.

This is costing me money!

This is costing me money!

In my view this is a much more useful metric than UNIQUE VISITORS.

This is particularly true if you are spending money on Google Adwords or other forms of advertising. The “bounce rate” metric will instantly tell you if your landing pages are working.

If prospects arrive at your website and they leave straight away, without taking your call to action, you will have a high bounce rate – maybe 80% or more. You need to fix this, otherwise you are probably wasting money.

A high bounce rate shows that your visitors are simply not engaging with your site. It is irrelevant to their needs.

Your goal should be to get your bounce rate down to 50% or better. Some experts would argue that you need to get your bounce rate down as low as 20% to 35%. However, this depends upon the type of site and type of traffic. Blogs, for instance generally have higher bounce rates than traditional websites.

When you make a change to your website you should always check the impact on your bounce rate.

Here is a great article on on bounce rate by Avinish Kaushik. If you want some further detail, I think you will find this article very useful.

Also, check out the above video for a great explanation of the importance of bounce rate.

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