Domino's Pizza – Now This Campaign Takes B@lls!

Wow! You gotta hand it to Domino’s Pizza. Their latest campaign “Pizza Turnaround” takes some serious b@lls. Imagine going to your boss and saying: “Hey, I got a great idea – lets spend a few million bucks on an ad campaign telling everyone that our product has sucked in the past…but now it is going to be much better and here’s why”.

Just wait to be led out of the room in a strait jacket!

Well, that’s exactly what Domino’s Pizza have done with their latest ad campaign. They have come out and admitted that their pizzas used to “taste like cardboard”…but now they are better. Oh really?

The jury is still out as to whether this is one of the dumbest or the smartest campaigns of all time.

You be the judge.

Pants on the Ground – Viral Video Sensation

How do you create a video that goes viral? How do you create massive buzz? Well, if you knew that you would be able to write your own ticket to stardom (or massive product success). More often than not, viral videos come out of left field – they were not premeditated. They take us by surprise.

Here is one from 62 year old, Larry Platt a 2010 American Idol contestant. See, it’s never to late in life to produce a sensation and launch a career.

Here is a link – Pants on the Ground

Enjoy Larry!

Breaking News: Larry has just been invited sing Pants on the Ground at the NFL Viking’s playoff game against the New Orleans Saints:


Online marketing at its finest…..whether you are an American Idol fan or not, you cannot help but be amazed at the guts of this young guy – David Cook. He took a song from a totally different type of artist/genre and turned it on its head. A great example of the combined power of traditional media (Television) and new media (YouTube) in potentially launching a career.

Turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy!