Pepsi shuns Super Bowl – spends on the Net instead

Let the landslide begin!

Pepsi has just announced that it is pulling its multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad campaign in favor of a Net based strategy. This is big (and disturbing) news in traditional media circles. Pepsi has been a consistent advertiser over the past 23 years during the Super Bowl.

The fact that they are now choosing to spend their money on a Net based campaign would have to make other big companies question the value of their own traditional media strategies. It is likely that many others will follow suit.

Why are they doing this?

Simply because the “eyeballs” of their target demographic (18 to 35 year olds) have moved elsewhere – to places like Facebook. Twitter and other social media sites.

Besides, Pepsi can get much more “bang for its buck” by spreading its dollars over a longer term, online marketing strategy than with a single, big spend on a one-time event such as the Super Bowl.

Yep – watch out for a landslide.

But, just for old times sake, let’s take a look at one of the most famous Pepsi ads of all time.

Turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy!

Teams At Their Best – Denis Pagan Hits the Web!

You heard it here first!

Denis Pagan

We have had the pleasure over the past few weeks working with AFL Coaching Legend, Denis Pagan in the launch of his new website – Teams At Their Best

This is Denis’s first foray into the world of the Internet but it was enough to grab sporting headlines in Melbourne’s Herald Sun last Thursday. Associate Editor, Mike Sheahan has already coined the phrase “” to mark this unexpected move from an AFL Coaching icon.

Check out his Fox Sports Review here –

In essence, Teams At Their Best is all about coaching the coaches. The target market is coaches and teams in all sports at all levels.

This is an exciting project for us… can watch the progress at