Let me answer your questions and give you personalized One-On-One assistance……Aidan Montague

Many clients who have downloaded the Special Report How To Use the Internet as a Sales Weapon have requested one-on-one coaching.

Here are the options if you would like me to assist you with your online sales strategy:

OPTION 1 – Telephone Consulting

One of the fastest ways to increase your online revenue is to schedule a 1 hour strategy call with myself.

I Hr Strategy Call – Click Here for Details.

OPTION 2 – Private Consulting

This is a totally flexible, one-on-one program where we can brainstorm ideas together in your offices, over the phone or both.

Just give me a call on +61 (0) 410 604615 and we can work out a private program to guide you through the implementation of your online strategy.

Private Consulting – Click Here for More Details