Lead Generation – Part 2 – Successful Leadgen Sites

I promised to show you some examples of successful lead generation sites. The first two are from our Pure Golf Training business in which we partner with leading golf coach, Steve Bann to deliver golf training products and services worldwide. Both of these lead generation sites convert at better than 40% visitor to sign-up ratio:

The Golf Improvement Cycle

Free Golf Lesson

In a few short months we managed to generate over 10,000, well qualified, leads in the golf niche – mainly US. Canada and Australia. Many of these have now converted to paying customers. The key has been to deliver quality content in the form of video/free download etc in exchange for visitor contact details.

The other one I would like to show you is my own site (hopefully not too much shameless self promotion :-)


This is a brand new site – so no stats as yet. However, I have used this particular eBook download with great success on previous sites so…fingers crossed it will convert well.

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