Online Marketing Strategy

It’s Not About Your Website – Its about your Online Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when you could market your business simply by having a great looking website.

Gone are the days when you could rely on a good graphic designer and a search engine expert to deliver an effective Internet solution for you. Yes, these are important – but they are only components of much bigger picture.

Today it is not about your website. It is about your entire sales process. Today Google is smart enough to look behind the curtain and see exactly what sort of process you have in place to deliver upon your promise to site visitors. If you get it wrong, Google can be brutal. You certainly wont be able to buy Google traffic (pay-per-click) at an acceptable price and you will probably struggle to get a look-in in the free (organic) listings as well.

That is why you need to think beyond your website and think about your entire online marketing strategy.

What is involved in an Online Strategy?

Here are some of the questions that the business owners needs to consider:

  1. Where will I get my website traffic from?
  2. How will I convert my website traffic to sales?
  3. Do I need a Blog?
  4. Do I need a Content Management System?
  5. What about Social Media?
  6. How do I get ranked on Page One of Google?
  7. Where should I advertise my website
  8. What about email follow-up?
  9. How can I build a brand

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Within each of these questions lies a myriad of choices.

On top of this the business owner is confronted with frequent chatter about Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and YouTube….etc etc etc

Where on earth do you start?

Well the answer is…you don’t! …At least not until you have a properly thought through Online Marketing Strategy in place. A good Internet strategy will guide you through the above questions. Ideally you need a step by step action plan.

It is worth taking the time to do this. It WILL mean the difference between success and failure on the Net.

To get you started, I wrote a report on the 7 Fatal Website Mistakes – You can download it now. Hope you enjoy.