Has Rupert Murdoch Done a Deal With the Devil?


“I’m not saying I beat the devil …but I drank his beer for nothing” – Kris Kristofferson

It is not for me to validate or otherwise the persistent rumor that Rupert Murdoch is in fact the devil incarnate. However, he is certainly accusing Google of drinking his beer for nothing.

It appears, according to Rupert, that every time Google index his content in their search engine, they are behaving like


  1. Aidan says

    Google say they drive 100,000 clicks per minute to the news networks. Quite a little traffic stream really. You would think that the question should be: How do we monetize this traffic in a more effective way? …rather than threatening to tell Google to turn the tap off.

  2. Aidan says

    I still reckon that Rupert Murdoch is too smart to get this play totally wrong. If Microsoft are willing to pay him money for his content then he would be mad not to take it. Why wouldn’t he?

    I see this as a short term, tactical manoevre on his part. He knows exactly what he is doing. If it doesn’t make sense to us, we just have to walk around it and walk around it and look at it from every angle until it does make sense.

    It will in the end.

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